Welcome to Wednesbury Teaching School Alliance

"Coming together to make teaching and learning better"

Wednesbury Teaching School Alliance (WTSA), which is led by Harvills Hawthorn Primary School, offers teacher training(School Direct), a range of Continued Professional Development, Specialist Leaders of Education and a range of School-to-School Support Services.

Wednesbury Teaching School Alliance

Wednesbury Teaching School Alliance is based in and around Wednesbury in the West Midlands. We are a alliance of schools that collaborate effectively and are committed to improving the outcomes of all our pupils.

Wednesbury Teaching School Alliance

Harvills Hawthorn Primary School is a member of the Wednesbury Learning Community which sits at the heart of our alliance and has a long history of effective partnership work in developing teaching and learning to raise standards; school leadership development; management of resources; raising aspirations across the community; joint pupil events and school-to-school support.

Gaining Teaching School status and further developing our alliance has been a natural evolution for the schools and provided a platform to further develop innovative practice through: research and training; identifying and developing leaders; providing a range of support to schools and ensuring that the next generation of teachers is the best generation of teachers.

Meet Our Team

  • Joanne Sheen - Headteacher and School-to-School Support Lead

  • Ross Griffiths - Business Manager

  • Maxine Soper - Teaching School Lead

What our delegates think...

  • "Help develop the future in your local area. Train with WTSA, you won't regret it!" - PGCE

    "The School Direct route allows you to have a more personal and engaged experience. You are pushed to your full potential. It gives you a real understanding of school life and a substantive amount of knowledge- this allows you to feel confident when teaching a class" - PGCE

  • "The course is very 'hands-on' and personal to your needs. You are part of a 'family' who care about your development" - PGCE

    "I have absolutely loved it! It has been exhausting, exciting and the toughest year of my life... but it is totally worth it!" - PGCE

  • "I've enjoyed being part of an amazing group of people who all help and support one another. I have had unconditional support from mentors, staff and the course lead. Thank you!" - PGCE

    "Everyone has been brilliant, couldn't have asked for more. I feel I've grown and developed as a teacher and as a person over the year. The course has played a significant part in that" - PGCE

  • "I feel ready to go into the classroom as a NQT but know that I will still have the support because of the relationships that I have built during the year" - PGCE

    "The 'togetherness' of the trainees, tutors and staff is fantastic. The course makes you feel like a valued individual-support is strong and you feel confident in teaching as a result" - PGCE