CPD & Leadership Development

Continuing Professional Development

Our alliance currently encompasses 20 schools who collaborate effectively to share outstanding practice and provide high quality CPD. We feel that our alliance is unique as we not only strive to improve teachers’ performance, at all levels, but also provide a children’s offer that delivers bespoke packages that directly engage learners, providing them with stimulating and experiential learning opportunities.

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WTSA endeavours to offer support at all levels, from the earliest stages of a teacher’s career through to senior leadership. We have formed strategic partnerships with a range of good and outstanding providers that allow us to do this. This, coupled with the quality of our consultants, ensures that our teaching school package is of the highest quality.

Leadership Development

WTSA offer a range of leadership courses including:

  • NPQML - National Professional Qualification for Middle Leadership
  • NPQSL - National Professional Qualification for Senior Leadership
  • Bespoke school-to-school leadership opportunities (Contact the WTSA office for more information)
  • Range of leadership development courses

Quality Continued Professional Development

"The Wednesbury Guarantee"

At Wednesbury Teaching School Alliance we aim to offer high quality ‘Continued Professional Development’ (CPD) in response to local and national needs. All of our courses are categorised against Curee’s model, ‘Impact Levels of Effective CPD’.

The table below outlines each impact level, the likely impact of the course and the degree of challenge and engagement required to maximise potential. The content and design of our courses, even at the informing level, will have considerable impact if school leaders provide a high quality professional learning environment that supports the integration of the new information effectively. WTSA actively evaluate each course individually as part of our quality assurance.

Impact Levels of Effective CPD

Informing – drawing participants attention to new knowledge and consider implementing new practice.

Teachers may begin with little or no prior knowledge/skills.

This course will result in new knowledge, greater awareness and motivation.

WTSA Quality Assurance - Course evaluation.

Influencing – actively engaging participants with new knowledge considering assessment of starting points.

Teacher may have some prior knowledge/skills. Existing attitudes and beliefs will be acknowledged.

This course will result in a moderate level of change in practice.

WTSA Quality Assurance - Pre-course questionnaires and course evaluation.

Embedding – deeply engaging participants through a range of activities with new knowledge, assessment of starting points and action planning.

Teachers begin with significant amount of knowledge, skills and experience. Attention is paid to attitudes and beliefs.

This course will result in a measureable change in practice, habits, skills and beliefs. Delegates may participate in peer learning, learning walks and back at school activities.

WTSA Quality Assurance - Pre-course questionnaires, action plans and course evaluation.

Transforming – equipping participants to take control of their own learning, both within and after the course.

Teachers begin with a significant amount of knowledge, skills and experience and considerable attention is paid to acknowledge and work with this as well as their attitudes and beliefs.

This course results in a substantial and sustained change in practice, habits, skills and beliefs. Delegates may participate in peer learning, distance learning/study, lead change back at school.

WTSA Quality Assurance - Pre-course questionnaires, action plans, presentations, assessment documentation and course evaluation.

Key benefits

  • Experienced practitioners sharing outstanding practice
  • Courses available for all levels - NQTs through to Headship
  • Innovative teaching & learning courses available to address local and national priorities
  • Children’s offer
  • Comprehensive NQT package
  • Very competitive rates

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